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Australian Gin has become the next big thing in the list if things to drink for the cool kids. How did this quintessentially British drink rise to the top for Aussie drinkers?

Australia has some amazing flavors that come from the bush, distillers found that infusing these into gin would create really interesting and diverse tastes to their products. Then the cocktail mixologists got their hands on it...

The other thing done well, that has brought gin into the forefront, is the amazing cellar doors that have opened all across the country. In SA there are a lot of places to try gin. Applewood Distillers in the Adelaide Hills is a great spot to finish your day tasting their native flavoured gins. Never Never in McLaren Vale sits high on a hill with breathtaking views over the vale and an amazing lawn to let the kids run free while tasting. In the Barossa you will find Seppeltsfield Road Distillers sitting on the side of a hill with deck upon deck and then the bar in a shipping container at the top. These are just a few of the many locations around that showcase how interesting and diverse the tastes and cellars of the gin industry have become.

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Wine is one of those things that has become part of the fabric of South Australia. The surprisingly varied climate and soils of each wine region have given rise to some vary different types of wines.

Want something full bodied and spicy, the Reds of the Barossa will fit the bill, after a lighter fruitier Red then the Mediterranean style of McLaren vale will fit the bill and if its cool climate Whites you are after than look no further than the Adelaide Hills.

Each of the very diverse places are within an hour of the CBD and you could spend a week in each region searching for the next hidden gem. Its something that we have done and hope to share our experiences with our customers.

So if you have to ask yourself why, Wine not.

Matt van Riet

Pretty sure I left my keys around here somewhere.

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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Starting a new business at the end of 2019 was scary and thrilling and exciting and downright crazy, but my brother Tim and I thought that we could do this. Deciding to become tour guides to the totally awesome wine regions around Adelaide South Australia wasn't a stretch as we had gone to school in the Barossa, had picked grapes as teenagers and have friends who have become winemakers.

Then 2020 Happened. Everything came to a screeching halt. My parents had to find their way home from a cruise that seemed to go on forever until they could find somewhere to dock. International tourism dried up faster than Lake Eyre and even Interstate travel ended as outbreaks happened around Australia. We thought that we couldn't have had worse timing for our business.

But you know what, we made it to the other side. Its 2021, things are looking better, Australia is opening up again so that we can visit interstate and even Holiday in our own Backyard. Come Visit South Australia, let us show you the brilliant wines and awesome locations of the the very diverse wine regions around Adelaide.

Relax, kick back and keep those wine glasses full.

Matt van Riet

I don't need a map, it'll be fine.

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